Catalan Atlas Legends

This page contains the translations into English the legends of the Catalan Atlas (1375) as they appear in the different panels of this work attributed to Cresques Abraham. The translations are based on Diáfora's facsimile of the Catalan Atlas (El Atlas Catalán de Cresques Abraham, Diáfora, 1975). This facsimile has the legends transcribed to Catalan and also translated into Spanish. I consulted both the Catalan and the Spanish to come up with my English translations. The accompanying images of the legends I have added are extracted from a German facsimile of the Atlas (Der katalanische Weltatlas : vom Jahre 1375 : nach d. in d. Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, verwahrten Orig. farb. wiedergegeben / mit e. Einf. u. Übers. von Hans-Christian Freiesleben, 1977).
Another work, Mapamundi. The Catalan Atlas of the year 1375. Edited with commentary by Georges Grosjean. Dietikon-Zurich : Urs Graf Verlag, 1978. Colour facsimile on six panels. Pp. 93., to which I have no access contains English translation and extensive commentaries of the legends. This work was reviewed by T. Campbell in Imago Mundi: The International Journal for the History of Cartography, 33:1, 115-116.