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En Inbèrnia ha moltes illes merevellosas…

In Hibernia [Ireland] there are many wonderful islands whose existence can be credible; among them, there is a small one where men never die, because when they are about to die of old age, they are transported outside the island. There are no snakes, frogs, nor poisonous spiders because the soil repels them given that this is where Lacerie Island [Cléire/Clear Island] is located. Furthermore, there are trees that attract birds like ripe figs. There is also another island where women never give birth because when they are about to give birth, they are taken outside the island as it is customary.

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Illa de Stillanda…

Island of Stillanda [Shetland or Iceland], where they speak the language of Norway and are Christians.

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Insula Archania...

Island of Archania. In this island, there are six months of the year in which it is light at night and six months of the year in which it is dark during the day.

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Les Iles Beneventurades...

The Fortunate Islands [Canary Islands] are found in the great sea, towards the left and near the end of Occident, but out at sea. Isidore says in his XV book that these islands are called fortunate because there are replete with all sorts of goods: cereals, fruits, herbs, and trees. Pagans believe this is the Paradise due to the mild sun and the plentifulness of the land. Isidore also says that the trees reach 140 feet of height and are full of fruits and birds. Here there is honey and milk, in particular in the island of Capraria, thus named due to the multitude of goats. There is also the island of Canaria, thus named due to the multitude of dogs, big and strong. Plius [Pliny] Master of Mappaemundi says that among the Fortunate Islands there is one with all the goods of the world because fruits grow at the top of the mountains without planting or seeding. Trees are never bare of leafs or without their aromatic fruits. They eat all these things during part of the year for they reap the grass the other part. This is why the pagans from the Indies believe that their souls go to these islands when they die where they live in eternity off the scent of those fruits; they believe it to be their paradise, but the truth is that is a fable.

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Partich l'uxer d'en Jacme Ferer…

The ship of Jaume Ferrer departed for the River of Gold on the 10th of August of 1346, the feast of St. Lawrence.

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Cap de Finisterra occidental de Àffrica…

Cape Finisterre [end of the land] of Occidental Africa. Here starts Africa, which ends in Alexandria and Babylon; it starts here and encompasses all the Barbarian Coast extending towards Alexandria, towards the south, and towards Ethiopia; in these regions, there is a lot of ivory due to plenty of elephants (...)

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Aquesta regió de Nuruega…

This region of Norway is very rugged, very cold, mountainous, wild and covered with forests. Its inhabitants eat more fish and meat than bread; there is no abundance of barley because of the reigning cold. There are also many beasts, like deer, white bears, and gyrfalcons.

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Tota aquesta muntanya de lonch és appellade Carena…

All this mountain range is called Carena by the Saracens and Claris Mountains by the Christians. Let it be known that in these mountains exist many good cities and castles that battle each other; also in these mountains, there is an abundance of bread, wine, oil and all kinds of good fruits.

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Per aquest loch passen los merchaders que entren en la terra dells negres de Gineva…

The merchants that enter the land of the negroes of Gineva [Ghana] pass through this place; this pass is called Valley of Darcha.

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Aquest senyor negre és appellat Musse Melly…

This black Lord is called Musse Melly and is the sovereign of the land of the negroes of Gineva [Ghana]. This king is the richest and noblest of all these lands due to the abundance of gold that is extracted from his lands.

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Tota aquesta partida tenen gens qui són embossats...

All this land is populated by people who cover themselves such that only their eyes can be seen; they live in tents and ride in camels. There are animals named lemp [orice] whose skin can be used to make good leather shields.

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