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Lo loch qui·s appella Ysicol...

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The place named Ysicol. In this place, there is a monastery of Armenian monks where they say lies the body of the apostle and evangelist St. Matthew.


Aquests són de matall...

These are made of metal and were ordered made by Alexander, a great and powerful king.

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Aquest[s] hòmens són alets a cullir diamants...

These men are chosen to pick diamonds. However, because they cannot climb the mountains where these are found, they cleverly toss pieces of meat where the precious stones lay. The stones adhere to the meat and detach [from the rocks]. Later the stones fall from the meat hoisted by the birds. Thus told it, Alexander.


Muntanyes de Caspis...

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The Caspian Mountains where Alexander saw trees so tall that their canopies touch the clouds. This is where he almost died had it not been for Satan who took him out of there using his arts. And with his stratagem he locked here the Tartarians God and Magog; and for them, he ordered made two metal images above described. Item he locked here many diverse races who don't hesitate to eat all kinds of raw meat, and from this group will come the Antichrist and their end will be caused by the fire that will fall from the sky and will confound them.


En aquesta ciutat de Lop...

At this city of Lop arrive merchants from the Empire of Sarra on their way to Cathay taking the direct route; they carry oxen, carts, and camels.

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Sapiats que los hòmens e les fembres de aquesta regió...

Let it be known that the men and women of this region once dead are taken to be cremated accompanied with instruments and revelry, although the relatives of the deceased cry. And it happens sometimes, now and then, that the wives of the deceased throw themselves into the fire, however, the husbands never throw themselves with their wives.

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En aquestes illes nexen molt bons grifalts and falcons...

In these islands are born very good gyrfalcons and falcons that the inhabitants do not there to capture except at the service of the Great Khan, Lord, and Emperor of Cathay.

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Açi senyoreya lo rey Chabech...

Here reigns the King Chabech [Käbäk], lord that is the Medeja [Media] Empire. This is located is at Emalech [Almaliq].

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Açì nexen homes pochs qui no han sinó ·V· palms de lonch...

Here are born men so small that they no reach more than five palmos [~3 feet] in height. And although there are small and not apt at all to do heavy labors, they are skillful in weaving and to tend cattle. Let it be known that when these men turn twelve, they already procreate. They live until they are forty years old. They live an ordinary life without prosperity. They defend themselves from herons which they eat should they catch them. Here ends the land of the Lord of Catayo [Cathay].


Açì senyoreya lo rey Steve, christià...

Here reigns the Christian king Stephen. Here lies the body of the apostle St. Thomas. He faces the city of Butifilis [Motupalle]. d

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Ciutat de Carnan...

The city of Carnan. Here ends Catay [Cathay]

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En la illa Iana ha molts arbres...

In the city of Jana [Ceylan?} there are many trees of aloe, camphor, sandalwood, fine spices, galangal, nutmeg and the tree of cinnamon which spice is most desirable than any other from India. Here, there is also mace and folii.

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Insula mudorum...

Island of the naked people, where men and women wear a leaf in front and one behind.

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Sapiats que costa la ciutat de Chambalech...

Let it be known that near the city of Chambalech there was in the old days a city named Guatibalu. The Great Khan learned using astrology that this city would rebel against him and ordered it to be evacuated and to build this city of Chabalech. This city has a perimeter of twenty-four leagues. It is well fortified with a square wall; each side measures six leagues and has twenty paces of height and ten paces of width. There are twelve gates and one bell tower that strikes at vespers [first sleep] or before. After the bell strikes, nobody dares to walk around the city. Every gate is guarded by a thousand men, and not because they are afraid, but to honor the sovereign.


ciutat de Chambalech...

The city of Chanbalech of the Great Kahn of Cathay [China].

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Ysayas propheta LXVII...

The prophet Isaiah LXVII: “I will send those that have survived [the judgement] to the overseas people, to Africa and Lydia”, and continues: “to the faraway islands and to those that have never heard of me or of my glory, and they will announce my glory to these people”.

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Antichrist. He will be raised in Goraym of Galilea, and at the age of thirty he will start to preach in Jerusalem; contrary to the truth, he will proclaim that he is Christ, the living son of God. It is said that he will rebuild the Temple.

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Lo gran senyor príncep de Gog e de Magog...

The Great Lord Prince of Gog and Magog. He will appear with many people in the times of the Antichrist.


Lo major príncep de tots los tartres ha nom Holubeim...

The most powerful prince of the Tartars is named Holubeim, that means Great Khan [Kubilay Khan]. This emperor is richer than any other emperor in the world. This emperor is protected by twelve thousand horsemen with their four captains that stay at the court three months of the year.

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Aquesta gent son salvatges...

These people are savages; they live on raw fish, they drink sea water and go around naked.

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En la mar de les Índies son illes 7548...

In the Sea of the Indies [China Sea] there are seven thousand five hundred and forty-eight islands whose wonders of gold, silver, spices and precious stones we cannot discuss here.

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La Illa de Trapobana...

The island of Trapobana [Taprobana]. This island is called Magno Caulii by the Tartars, and it is the last island of Orient. The island is inhabited by people that are very different from the rest; there are burly men in some mountains of this island, twelve-cubit in height, like giants; they are very black and dim-witted; they eat white men and foreigners should they be apprehended. In this island, there are two summers and three winters and trees and herbs flower twice a year.

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Mer de les illes de Índies...

Sea of the islands of the Indies where one finds spices. Many ships from many nations cross this sea. Here, one finds three kids of fish named sirens: one is half fish, half woman, the other is half woman, half bird.

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Aquesta ciustat és deserta per serpentes.

This city is deserted due to snakes.