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Ciutà de Leó...

The city of Leopolis [Lviv]. Some merchants arrive at this city heading to the Levant via the Sea of La Mancha [North Sea/Baltic Sea] in Flanders.

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Aquesta mar és appallada mar de la Manya e mar de Gotilàndia...

This sea is called Sea of La Mancha, Sea of Gotilandia [Gotland] and Sea of Susia [Sweden]. Let it be known that this sea is frozen during six months of the year; that is to say, from mid-October until mid-March; and it is so hard that one can cross on top of it with an oxcart. The rough weather is due to the cold North wind.

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Açí senyoreja lo rey de Organa...

Here rules the King of Organa, a Saracen that constantly battles with the Saracens of the coast and with other Arabs.

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Messopotèmie, la qual és appellada Turchia…

Mesopotamia that is called Asia Minor or Turkey, and where one finds many provinces and cities.

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Assia minor…

Asia Minor also called Turkey, where there are many cities and castles.

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Aquest estany és appellat…

This lake is called (…) [probably lake Ilmen or lake Ladoga based on Villadestes' map of 1413] and sturgeons and other strange fish grow on it.

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Hic est corpus Catarina virginis...

Here lies the body of St. Catharine [of Alexandria] Virgin.

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Per aquest freu pasaren los fills d'Israel…

The sons of Israel past through this gorge when they fled Egypt.

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Mont de Sinay...

Mount Sinai where God gave Moses the Law.

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Assí es la migana brancha de Montis Taurus...

This is the middle branch of Mount Tauris [Tibesti Mountains]. Many Saracens coming from the West pass through this mountain wishing to go to Mecca to see the arch of Mohamed that contains their Law.

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Aquesta mar és appellade la Mar Roga...

This sea is called the Red Sea which was crossed by the Twelve Tribes of Egypt. Let it be known that the water is not red, but the bottom is that color. Through this sea pass most of the spices arriving at Alexandria from India.

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Aquest soldà de Babillònia....

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This sultan of Babylon [Al-Fustat, Egypt] is great and powerful amongst those of this region.


En aquesta ciutat de Chos...

The spices coming from India are brought to this city of Chos [Al-Qusayr, Egypt]. Then, they are taken to Babylon [Al-Fustat, Egypt] and Alexandria.

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(…) ciutat de Núbia...

(…) city of Nubia. The king of Nubia is always at war with the Christians of Nubia who are under the dominion of the emperor of Ethiopia and the land of Prester John.