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Mons Ararat...

Mount Ararat where the Arch of Noah rested after the deluge.

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Aquest mar és appellada mar del Sarra...

This sea is called Sea of Sarra and Bacú


Sapiats que aquells qui volen passar aquest desert...

Let it be known that those that wish to cross this desert stop and rest during a week in a city named Lop. Here, expeditions and their animals relax/enjoy themselves. After that, they procure what is needed for the next seven months of the journey, because in the desert one travels an entire day and night before reaching potable water; however, every day and a half, they can find plenty of it, enough for fifty or a hundred people or even more. And if it happens that a rider, tired by the journey, falls sleep or for any other reason he separates from his companions, he will often hear the voices of devils, similar to the voices of his companions, often calling him by his own name. In this way, the devils take him through the desert to a fro such that the traveler cannot find his companions. A thousand stories are known about this desert.

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Açí està l'emperador de aquesta regió septentrional...

Here resides the emperor of this northern region whose empire starts in the province of Bulgaria and ends at the city of Organcio. The sovereign is named Jambech, Lord of the Sarra.

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Aquesta ciutat és appellada Ssiras e antigament...

This city is named Siras, and in antiquity, it was named the City of Grace because it was there where astronomy was invented by the great wise man Ptolemy.

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Aquesta ciutat és appellada Nínive...

This city is named the Great Nínive, and it was destroyed because of its sins.

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Açí so Babillònia la gran...

Here there was the Great Babylonia, where Nabuconodosor resided, and that is called Baldaca today. Let it be known that many spices, as well as other noble products, come to this city from the Indies and the are distributed by Siria, in particular at the city of Damascus.

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Aquesta ciutat és appellada Hormes...

This city is named Hormes and is the beginning of the Indies. Let it be known that to this city ships arrive that have eight and ten masts with reed sails.

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Denant la bocha del flum de Baldach...

Across from the delta of the river Baldach lie the sea of the Indies and Persian. This is where they search for pearls which are taken to the city of Baldach. The fishermen say their enchantments before diving into the deep to make the fish flee.

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Mecca. In this city, one finds the arch of Mohamed, the prophet of the Saracens who make a pilgrimage here from all regions. And they say that after having seen such a beautiful thing, they are not worthy to see anything else and 'empty their eyes' in honor of Mohamed.

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Arabia Sebba...

Arabia Sebba. The province that had queen Sebba; now it belongs to the Arabs Saracens, and in it there very good aromas, as well as myrth and frankincense. Gold, silver and precious stones are plentiful, and there you can find a bird named Phoenix.

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Aquesta pruvíncia és appellada Tàrsia...

This province is called Tarsia, and it is from which the three very wise kings departed and came to Bethlehem in Judea with their presents and worshiped Jesus Christ. They are buried in the city of Cologne, that is at two-day travel from Bruges.


Aquesta caravana és partida del Imperi de Sarra...

This caravan has departed from the Empire of Sarra to go to Alcatayo.

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Los munts de Sebur...

Mountains of Sebur [Siberia], where the great river Edil [Voga] originates.


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Moltas Civitas Magni...

Many Civitas Magni [great cities]. This one was built by Alexander King of Macedonia.


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Açí està un soldà gran e podarós molt rich...

Here resides a great sultan, powerful and very rich. This sultan has seven hundred elephants, one hundred thousand cavalry soldiers under his command and even countless foot soldiers. In these regions, one can find plenty of gold and many precious stones.


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Sapiats que aquestes naus són appellades Nichi...

Let it be known that these ships are named nichi, and measure sixty cubits in depth and thirty-four cubits in length; there are few with less than four masts and some even have ten. The sails are made of reed and palm leafs.


Açí seny[o]reja lo rey Colombo...

Here reigns the king of Colombo, a Christian. Province of Colombo.


En la mar indich en la qual són pescahdós...

In the Indian Ocean where they are fishermen and very rich islands. The fishermen that descend into the sea say their incantations before diving into the sea and this way they dispel the fish. In the event that they do not say them, the fish devour them, and this has been demonstrated.