First four papers available

Post date: Aug 14, 2010 9:14:34 PM

The first four papers, and perhaps the most important ones, have now been published in English translation. These papers include the seminal biographies of Cresques Abraham and his son Jafudà Cresques. The papers are:

    • "Cresques Abraham, Jew of Majorca, Master of Mappaemundi and Compasses" by Jaume Riera;

    • "Jafudà Cresques, Jew of Majorca" by Jaume Riera;

    • "The Will of Cresques Abraham and other Family Documents" by Gabriel Llompart;

    • "Jafudà Cresques and Samuel Corcós: More Documents about the Jewish Painters of Nautical Charts (Majorca, XIV c.)" by Gabriel Llompart and Jaume Riera.